AeroPress Home Barista Pro


This kit includes everything you need to prepare filter coffee with AeroPress.

It contains:

– 1 AeroPress

– 1 manual grinder Cafflano Krinder

– 1 pack of paper filters for AeroPress with 350 pcs.

– 2 “single origin” packs of 250gr with whole coffee beans of your choice


As a gift with this kit, a 45-minute Live Webinar “Brewing your AeroPress coffee” with Alberto Polojac. Under his direct guidance, you can learn all the secrets for impeccable preparation.

Used by coffee lovers all over the world, the AeroPress is simple and easy to use. Everyone can create the cup of coffee that suits their taste by playing with time and pressing force, coffee dose, coffee/water ratio and temperature!

* Shipping only in Italy *