AeroPress Home Brew

50,00 29,00

This kit includes everything you need to prepare your coffee!

It contains:

– 1 AeroPress

– 1 Funnel

– 1 Scoop

– 1 Stirrer

– 1 package of 350 pcs paper filters for AeroPress with container

– 1 package of 250gr coffee beans with light roast: Brazil | Fazenda California Cold Soul

– 1 250gr pack of light roasted coffee beans: Guatemala | Huehuetenango Slow Food 

As a gift with this kit, a 45-minute Live Webinar “Brewing your AeroPress coffee” with Alberto Polojac. Under his live guidance you will learn all the secrets for a flawless preparation.

Used by coffee lovers all over the world, the AeroPress is easy to use. By playing with time and pressure force, coffee dose, coffee/water ratio and temperature, everyone can create the cup of coffee that suits their taste!

* Shipping only within Italy *


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