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We are waiting for the new crop! Available from November ’22

Arabica whole beans from the Caranavi Province in Bolivia, considered the coffee capital of the whole country. Hand craft roasted in 3 different profiles:

LIGHT – tangerine and balsamic
MEDIUM – honey and sugar cane
DARK – clove and caramel

SPECIES: Arabica
VARIETY: Typica, Caturra
PRODUCER: Avelino Sacaca
ALTITUDE: 1600 masl


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Coffee production in Bolivia is mainly concentrated in the rural areas of the Yungas and the province of Caranavi, located northeast of La Paz. Other growing regions include Santa Cruz, Beni, Cochabamba, Tarija, and Pando. Bolivia has all the ingredients to be a high-quality coffee producer, such as altitude, fertile soil and a consistent rainy season.
Caranavi is considered to be the coffee capital in Bolivia and is where the majority of coffee is produced. It is located in the Yungas region of eastern Bolivia in the transition zone where the Andes Mountains morph into the eastern forests.
Here the cultivation is of Arabica coffee only and focuses mainly on Catuai varieties, but small productions of Gesha can also be found. The most commonly used and traditional processing method is the washed, where coffee cherries are pulped and then dried on African beds, because of high altitude and low temperatures. In recent times though, some producers are starting to work on some experimental fermentation.


AROMA: acacia honey, citrus fruit
TASTE: fresh and balsamic
BODY: medium and persistent
ACIDITY: balanced, citric and malic
AFTERTASTE: spicy and lingering

Balance: 8.50
Aftertaste: 8.50
Aroma: 8.25
Acidity: 8.25
Flavour: 8.50
Body: 7.75
Total judgment: 88.25
Total judgment


Its balanced acidity and bright clean cup make it a perfect coffee for meditation and chilling moments. Ideal for filter coffee with a light roast in order to enhance its balsamic acidity and the genuine origin flavours, it is also a good choice if you like fully acidic espressos. In this case we suggest a medium or dark roast to highlight sweetness and warm notes.
Suggested coffee ratio:

ESPRESSO: 16,5 gr for a double shot
MOKA: 16gr for 3 cups pot
FILTER: 20 gr for 300 ml


We offer 3 levels of roast to satisfy each palate and taste preference. Each level develops different flavors and aroma profiles. Here are the main characteristics for each different profile and the specifications of colour and development time. We normally use Lighttells colorimeter you can buy from our shop here. You can find the correspondence table to compare that with other colorimeters available in our lab and widely used. If you have any doubts about the correct profile that best suits your taste please contact us and let us know. We will surely find the correct solution to satisfy your taste buds.

LIGHT: Colour 85 | 1’30” Development time | Citric and balsamic
MEDIUM: Colour 75 | 2’30” Development time | Honey and sugar cane
DARK: Colour 65 | 3’00” Development time | Clove and caramel

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