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Arabica whole beans from Paranà, in Brasil. Hand craft roasted in 3 different profiles:

LIGHT – tropical fruits and grapes
MEDIUM – caramel and candied orange
DARK – honey and peanut butter

SPECIES: Arabica
PROCESS: Cold Soul Pulped Natural
PRODUCTION AREA: Jacarezinho, Paraná
SCREEN: 17/18

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Coffee was first introduced into Brazil in Belem do Para, by way of French Guiana at the turn of the 18th century. It is now produced in 17 states but the bulk of production is concentrated in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná and Espírito Santo. Paraná used to be the largest coffee producer in the world. Coffee arrived here in 1892 and in the 1950s, at the height of its production, it produced the amount of coffee Minas Gerais, the main coffee area in the country, produces today.
Fazenda California is located in Jacarezinho in the north-eastern tip of Paraná state. Here the growing and processing of the coffee cherries is carried along by the owner Luiz Roberto Saldanha Rodrigues. Cold Soul natural processes was developed by Luiz to give the coffee grown at low altitude unique and unusual characteristics never experienced before from this region. The extreme brightness, prominent fruit characteristics and complexity of this coffee is due to its particular process where cherries are soaked overnight in cold water in the first stage of the fermentation process. The idea is that the cold water gives a condition of “controlled fermentation”, giving the coffee a more clean and sweet cup than a conventional natural. The coffee is then finished off with slow drying on African beds for 25-30 days, completing the complexity of the process.


AROMA: white fruit, grape
TASTE: pineapple, grape with citrus notes
BODY: smooth and buttery
ACIDITY: bright and complex
AFTERTASTE: extremely clean with honey notes

Balance: 8.25
Aftertaste: 7.50
Aroma: 8.00
Acidity: 7.75
Flavour: 7.75
Body: 8.25
Total judgment: 86.00
Total judgment


This unconventional natural coffee results with a perfect balance for a buttery and tasty espresso with a hint of tropical fruits and honey notes. Try all the different nuances of this stunning Specialty coffee in our 3 variations of roast profiles to explore the complexity of flavours and the depth of its character! We suggest a light roast for filter coffee preparation to highlight its fruity note and the complex acidity.

Suggested coffee ratio:

ESPRESSO: 15 gr for a double shot
MOKA: 15 gr for 3 cups pot
FILTER: 22 gr for 300 ml


We offer 3 levels of roast to satisfy each palate and taste preference. Each level develops different flavors and aroma profiles. Here are the main characteristics for each different profile and the specifications of colour and development time. We normally use Lighttells colorimeter you can buy from our shop here. You can find the correspondence table to compare that with other colorimeters available in our lab and widely used. If you have any doubts about the correct profile that best suits your taste please contact us and let us know. We will surely find the correct solution to satisfy your taste buds.

LIGHT: Colour 85 | 1’30” Development time | Tropical fruits and grapes
MEDIUM: Colour 75 | 2’30” Development time | Caramel and candied orange
DARK: Colour 65 | 3’00” Development time | Honey and peanut butter

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