Cafflano Kompresso


Cafflano Kompresso is a compact and portable device for espresso coffee.
– simple to use
– super light and compact
– easy to clean

The Cafflano Kompresso (= Compress + Espresso) offers a sustained 9 bars of pressure throughout the entire espresso-making process, meaning this lightweight coffee-maker is able to produce café- quality espresso on the go. The Cafflano Kompresso, in contrast, uses patent-pending technology to ensure 9 bars of pressure from start to finish – thanks to Pascal’s Principle of Hydraulics. Most handheld espresso makers require some form of pressing action. However, the R&D team at Cafflano discovered that squeezing creates greater, more sustained pressure with less effort. What’s more, you can use the coffee beans of your choice in the Cafflano Kompresso, unlike many capsule coffee makers. It makes 15g of espresso, while the portafilter is an ultra-fine 300 microns in size. At less than 200g, the coffee maker is light and compact. It’s also easy to clean, sustainably produced, and durable. In short, it’s perfect for anyone who wants great-quality coffee but can’t get to a coffee shop. Whether you’re in the office or hiking up a mountain, the Cafflano Kompresso will give you the great taste you’re craving.

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