Coffee enthusiasts Kit

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The perfect opportunity for all the coffee enthusiasts that would love to sample our range of coffee at home.

The gift box includes 6 different coffees in individual 75gbags medium roasted and the Hario mini plus manual grinder.

Easy to use and improved, the grinder features a slim coffee mill designed to fit in compact spaces and handy scales for checking the amount of ground coffee at a glance.

The inner and outer burr can be removed and it’s easy to clean.

Grind a small amount of beans ( 2 to 3 cups) and set the coarseness of the coffee from coarse to fine.

Inside the box :

Coffee beans 100% Arabica

Roasting degree: Medium

  • Bolivia Avelino Sacaca
  • Ruanda Twongere Kawa Coko
  • Brasile Cold Soul
  • Guatemala La Florida
  • Honduras Panchito Honey
  • Sumatra Queen Ketiara
  • Hario manual grinder



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Black, Menta, Red

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