Steepshot Home Brew


This kit includes everything you need to prepare your coffee!


– 1 Steepshot

– 1 package of 250gr coffee beans with light roast: Bolivia | Avelino Sacaca

– 1 package of 250gr light roasted coffee beans: Rwanda | Twongere Kawa Coko

As a gift with this kit, a 45-minute Live Webinar “Brewing your Steepshot coffee” with Alberto Polojac. Under his live guidance you can learn all the secrets for a flawless preparation.

Patented in Norway, the Steepshot is the latest innovation in the brewing world. Easy to use and easy to carry everywhere you go, your coffee will be ready in half a minute! Its technology avoids over-extraction of the coffee, thus preventing unpleasant bitter tastes.

* Shipping only within Italy *