SUMATRA | Queen Ketiara Wethulled




Arabica whole beans from Ketiara women cooperative in Gayo area in Sumatra. Hand craft roasted in 3 different profiles:

LIGHT – citric and fruity
MEDIUM – tangerine and peppermint
DARK – tomato and pepper

SPECIES: Arabica
PROCESS: Wethulled
PRODUCTION AREA: Aceh Tengah, Aceh, Indonesia
PRODUCER: Kopepi Ketiara cooperative


New crop available from February 23


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According to legend, many centuries ago, an Indian man called Baba Budan stole coffee seeds from Saudi Arabia, taking them back to his country for cultivation. One of the seeds is said to have been imported to Indonesia and hence started production. Legend aside, coffee was indisputably introduced into Indonesia by the Dutch in the 17th century. These islands were the first in the world where coffee, imported from its place of origin (Africa), came to be cultivated on a larger scale.

The traditional processing method for the island of Sumatra is the so-called “wet hulled”, in the local language Giling Basah. This process consists in first fermentation in cherry of 12-18 hours, pulping and a first drying of 5-6 hours. The parchment is then removed when the moisture is still between 30 and 40% and the beans are then dried without parchment until the final 13% is reached. This process allows to obtain the typical green-bluish color of green coffee and a cup profile with intense body and moderate acidity.

Ketiara is a female led cooperative established in 2009 by 32 founder members. It now counts almost 2000 small farmers and Ibu Ramah is the chairwoman. Therefore it is not just trading coffee, but also promotes value and passion to celebrate women in the coffee business.


AROMA: fruity, pineapple and raisins
TASTE: notes of candied citrus fruit and maple syrup
BODY: full and intense
ACIDITY: citric and intense
AFTERTASTE: tomato and red fruits

Balance: 8.50
Aftertaste: 8.00
Aroma: 7.75
Acidity: 8.00
Flavour: 7.75
Body: 8.25
Total judgment: 86.25
Total judgment


A very versatile coffee that can suit every palate simply by modulating the roasting grade and the final development time. A light roast will highlight the citric and tangerine notes, medium roast will enhance more balance and caramel notes with a fresh balsamic aftertaste, while a dark roast (we suggest for espresso only) will raise the intensity of syrupy notes and bring out a pleasant tomato juice aftertaste.

Suggested coffee ratio:
ESPRESSO: 15 gr for double shot
MOKA: 15 gr for 3 cups pot
FILTER: 18 gr for 300 ml (2 cups)


We offer 3 levels of roast to satisfy each palate and taste preference. Each level develops different flavors and aroma profiles. Here are the main characteristics for each different profile and the specifications of colour and development time. We normally use Lighttells colorimeter you can buy from our shop here. You can find the correspondence table to compare that with other colorimeters available in our lab and widely used. If you have any doubts about the correct profile that best suits your taste please contact us and let us know. We will surely find the correct solution to satisfy your taste buds.

LIGHT: Colour 85 | 1’30” Development time | Citric and fruity
MEDIUM: Colour 75 | 2’30” Development time | Tangerine and peppermint
DARK: Colour 65 | 3’00” Development time | Tomato juice and pepper

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 5 × 0.5 cm
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Coffee origin



1kg, 250gr

Roasting degree

Dark, Light, Medium