Trieste The coffee town


The granting of the status of free port by Charles VI of Habsburg in 1719 can be considered as the beginning of the history of coffee in Trieste. At that time, the Austrian Empire was among the most important empires, politically and commercially; as a continental state, the choice of Trieste as the main merchant port was a great fortune for the city.
This choice was mainly due to the geographical position but also to the natural composition of the rocky and deep sea bottom, up to 18 meters, suitable even for today’s ocean liners. Fiscal, customs, administrative and criminal law facilities have helped to ensure that entrepreneurial adventurers arrived from all parts of the Empire and the Mediterranean.

Andrej Godina, born in Trieste, he began his job as a marina&cargo surveyor at a young age; in 2000 he joined SCAE and soon became one of the first authorized trainers for the Coffee Diploma System certifications. He achieved the PhD in Science, Technology and Economy in the Coffee Industry, University of Trieste with a research on the espresso sensory analysis. He is currently a coffee expert, professional taster, SCA Authorized Trainer and a consultant for many coffee roasters. He is Umami Area President, NGO association that spreads the specialty coffee culture, Umami Area Honduras President, a coffee farm that produces specialty green coffee in western Honduras, Caffemotive Srl President, a company that works on innovative coffee projects in the field of espresso.

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