ULYSSES arabica specialty coffee blend selected by Mr Bloom



Arabica whole beans Specialty coffee blend accurately selected and roasted by Mr Bloom in person. Hand craft roasted in 2 different profiles:

MEDIUM – pineapple and caramel
DARK – chocolate and orange juice

The result is a perfect balance between acidity, sweetness, complexity with a nice creamy body.

This Specialty Coffee Blend is made of:

33% Rwanda Ukuri
33% Honduras Panchito honey
33% El Salvador


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Specialty Coffee Blend of “Rwanda Twongere”, “Honduras Panchito honey” and “El Salvador”. This blend was the first created by Mr Bloom, for this reason he decided to name it after the famous book that James Joyce started writing in Trieste, hometown of Mr Bloom.


AROMA: milk chocolate and pineapple
TASTE: candied fruits and caramel
BODY: medium and buttery
ACIDITY: medium-high, mainly citric and malic
AFTERTASTE: sweet caramel and lime

Balance: 8.50
Aftertaste: 8.00
Aroma: 8.50
Acidity: 8.25
Flavour: 8.25
Body: 8.50


This is the crown jewel in Mr Bloom’s selection! The first specialty coffee blend created with an harmonious coexistence of acidity, sweetness and body. Its clean aftertaste will keep you company for several hours during your working day, during relaxation time with your favorite book or during holidays and chilling time with friends. It suits every taste preference and every moment of your day. Can’t wait to try it right?

Suggested coffee ratio:

ESPRESSO: 16 gr for double shot
MOKA: 16 gr for 3 cups pot
FILTER: 20 gr for 300 ml (2 cups)


We offer 2 levels of roast to satisfy each palate and taste preference. Each level develops different flavors and aroma profiles. Here are the main characteristics for each different profile and the specifications of colour and development time. We normally use Lighttells colorimeter you can buy from our shop here. You can find the correspondence table to compare that with other colorimeters available in our lab and widely used. If you have any doubts about the correct profile that best suits your taste please contact us and let us know. We will surely find the correct solution to satisfy your taste buds.

MEDIUM: Colour 75 | 2’30” Development time | Pineapple and caramel
DARK: Colour 65 | 3’00” Development time | Chocolate and orange juice

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 5 × 0.5 cm
Organoleptic profile



Roasting degree

Dark, Medium