Welcome to
my specialty micro roastery!

I’m Mr. Bloom and in 2020 I decided to put my skills as a master roaster into practice by creating my Bloom Specialty Coffee line. The idea is to bring high quality coffee as well as alternative extraction methods to the homes of all coffee lovers!

A pathway…
toward custom designed coffee!

I am more than happy to assist you with your choice from my range of specialty blends and single origins: we will travel together to those exotic countries where our coffee is grown and as it makes its way to your cup.

In my micro roastery the coffee is roasted exclusively to order and, not only that, you can also decide the degree of roasting! My task is to make you enjoy a coffee that is always fresh and designed around your personal tastes.

Are you taking your first tentative steps
into the world of coffee?

I’m also here to advise you on the equipment to buy and offer personalized advice regarding your business or café. We’re here to help!

How do you order equipment and coffee?

You can buy our product directly from our online shop on the web, or you can write the order in WhatsApp or through Messenger chat. We’re here to serve!

And if you are passing through Trieste, drop in and say hello! This is where I was born, not surprisingly in the coffee capital of Italy. 

Thanks to our “free port” status, Trieste has been linked to the coffee trade for centuries, and for us it’s not just any old drink! It is a ritual born in literary cafes where intellectuals like Italo Svevo sat to discuss and write. Even ordering coffee in Trieste is different than in any other city: for example, to order an espresso at the bar you have to say “un nero”, to order a cappuccino “un caffe latte”. Can you believe it?!

Looking forward to speaking!

My products are presented in specific colours, based on the basic characteristics of the coffee quality.

Green: complex coffee.
Characteristic of fine coffees where the acidity is presented in its most multidimensional aspect.
Yellow: aromatic coffee.
Richness of aroma and a citrusy acidity characterise these coffees.
Red: balanced coffee.
The natural acidity of the coffee is balanced by sweet notes and warm tones of cocoa and dried fruit.

Grazie a queste icone presenti sulle etichette, ti aiuto a conoscere meglio il tuo caffè.


Sensory descriptors.
Geographical origin, variety and processing method.


Coffee roasting indications.
LOT: lot number
DATE: date on which the coffee was roasted – date on which the product should preferably be consumed.
Specifies the roasting degree.
In order from left to right: light, medium, dark.
The roast affects the aromatic notes of the coffee: you can decide the degree to your taste when placing your order.


Suggested extraction method: filter coffee or percolator.
Suggested extraction method: espresso/moka.